The Yellowhead Centre Arena offers a 85×200 artificial ice surface with surround seating for 1200 people. Known for it’s excellent ice, the Yellowhead Arena supplies the only artificial skating ice surface for The Town of Neepawa and RMs of North Cyress/Langford, Rosedale and Lansdowne/Glenella. Six immaculate dressing rooms, a spacious lobby, ref’s room along with a modern sound system provide an great venue for all ice sports. The “Redline Grill” is open for all gate admission events and offers an excellent menu.

* Prime Time Ice is after 5pm & all times on Saturday & Sundays plus any weekday Games or Tournaments

* Non-Prime Ice is before 4pm Weekdays unless used for a Game or Tournament (offered to User Groups only)

* User Groups of the Yellowhead Centre are Neepawa Minor Hockey, Neepawa Figure Skating Club, Commercial Hockey, Big Valley Bulls, Neepawa No Stars, NACI Tigers. Neepawa Natives and Neepawa Farmers are also classified as Users                                                                                              

  • 7 Day Cancellation Policy Enforced on Booked Ice
  • Playoff Ice will ALWAYS take priority and Is the only exception of 7 Day Cancellation Policy
  • Local Non User Groups Prime ice; $140.00 plus GST per hour (March 1-September 30)
  • Local Non User Groups Prime Ice: $180.00 plus GST per hour (October 1-February 28 or 29)
  • Local Non Users Groups Non Prime Ice: $150.00 plus GST per hour
  • Out of Town Renter/Businesses: $140.00 Plus GST per hour (March 1-September 30)
  • Out of Town Renters/Businesses:  $180.00 plus GST per hour (October 1-February 28 or 29)
  • Prime Time for User Groups: $140.00 plus GST per hour
  • Non Prime for User Groups: $105.00 plus GST per hour
  • Seasonal & Stat Holiday Ice Rental is Regular Fee plus 50% of Regular Fee
  • Senior Rec Teams $4175.00 plus GST per season (weekly slot from Oct-Mar)
  • HIPs and CanSkate Practice Ice $65.00 per hour
  • Public Skating – Parents  n’ Tots – Senior Morning Skate: Drop In Fee of $5.00 for all ages or FREE with Yellowhead Membership
  • GST extra where applicable
  • As the new Arena season begins here at the Yellowhead there are just a few reminders for your user group to help keep things running smoothly…As always the Yellowhead will do everything they can to meet your needs!



    a)      Please make sure all members have purchased a Yellowhead Membership Card.

    b)     Please check dressing rooms after your team has vacated to make sure showers are not left on and that the garbage cans have been used.

    c)      Please make sure teams are not left unsupervised in dressing rooms in both practices and games

    d)     Nothing but water allowed in water bottles on the benches (NO GATORADE OR POWERADE etc.)

    e)      No emptying of water bottles on the ice surface or in garbage cans

    f)       Please allocate someone to move the nets for the Zamboni operator between periods to help speed things up.

    g)     No one allowed on the ice surface until Zamboni Door is closed.

    h)     Please make sure Marilyn and the Yellowhead Staff are given a copy of each teams monthly and tournament schedules

    i)        Please provide a list of coaches and managers (with Phone #’s) to the Arena Manager

    j)       It is the responsibility of each team to stay on time during games and practices.

    k)      Please let the concession know if there is anything special you want for Tournaments etc. Also please remember the Redline Grill is owned and operated by the Yellowhead Centre as a way to help keep your costs down…Please support it!
    *NEW* Only Pucks Supplied by the

    Yellowhead Centre allowed on Ice

    If the glass breaks & it’s not our pucks…Replacement Glass Cost is Your Group’s Responsibility!

    Please be responsible with those pucks, lets try to keep as many of them at the rink as we can!

    Let’s work to keep the Yellowhead Centre a Community Facility we can be proud of. Treating it with respect and pride is a great place to start. If you have concerns please let us know.

    THANK YOU from the Yellowhead Staff