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Neepawa’s Yellowhead Centre sets fees and rates for 2015-16

The Yellowhead Centre board of directors met last week and set the rates for membership fees and for ice rental rates. Hall rates are still under review.

For the 2015-16 year, each family that uses the YHC will be chaired a $65 fee less the amount of municipal contribution to the YHC. The membership fee is a once per year fee on a per family basis. The municipal contributions confirmed so far this year include $70,000 from the Town of Neepawa which works out to $45.81 per household based on 1528 households. That means the net membership fee for Town of Neepawa residents will be $20 per year.

The RM of Rosedale has made a 2015 contribution of $2500 which works out to $4.14 per household based on 604 households. That means the net membership fee for RM of  Rosedale residents will be $60.

Although the RM of Langford has been a contributor in the past, usually $5000 per year, no contribution has been received so far this year from the newly created RM of North-Cypress-Langford. If a contribution comes forward, the family membership fees will be adjusted. The same applies to any other municipality, if they make a contribution to the YHC, the fees will be adjusted. Currently, the membership fee will be $65 per family to all municipalities other than Rosedale and the Town of Neepawa.

The ice rental fees have increased 5 per cent this year.  There has not been an increase in ice rental fees for 4 years, so with annual increases in hydro, repairs and maintenance as well as snow clearing costs, the adjustment was necessary to balance the budget.

Hourly rates for community groups using arena ice will be $105 per hour. Commercial and out of area groups not paying membership fees will be charged $131.25 per hour. The Neepawa Figure Skating Club will be charged $78.75 per hour as the board felt that input cost are lower for their ice time slots due to less ice cleaning and less janitorial work required around their hours of usage.

Hall rental rates will be set at a later date. Concession food and beverage prices will increase for the 2015-16 season as well.

The Yellowhead Centre is a full size hockey arena and a 10,000 plus square foot community hall. Built in 1971 from some of the buildings left to the Town of Neepawa by the former salt plant, the YHC has been owned since it’s inception by the Neepawa Centennial Project Committee Inc. Unlike the case in many towns and cities, the Yellowhead Centre is owned by the private community based corporation and not by theTown of Neepawa or the surrounding municipalities. Over the past number of years, the YHC has reduced its debt load to zero and has a small reserve fund for emergency repairs. The hall is 71 years old and the arena and waiting room area are 44 years old so major breakdowns are inevitable, thus the need for a reserve fund. the board and management apply for as many grants as possible for upgrades and operating expenses.

For more information contact Board President Darian Major (Darian.Major@hylife.com), Past President Ken Waddell (204-476-6214) or Ann Kuharski, YHC Manager (204-476-5880)

Excited to start another Great Season!

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